We regret to inform you that applications for the grooming assistance program are currently closed.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates.

Good grooming is essential to the well-being of all animals and people.

We offer a grooming assistance program for low-income households within Calgary city limits who have a pet who requires a grooming appointment in order to get back on track to feeling their finest

Please note that Parachutes for Pets screens applications according to a set of criteria and proof of low-income status will be required, proof such as:

  • CPP payment stub/deposit slip
  • AISH card
  • or a payment stub from a low-income program
  • letter from a support worker stating low-income status.

Only 1 program can be accessed at a time – please do note apply for all programs at once.

Priority is given to individuals referred by referring agencies. Funding is not guaranteed and will be provided directly to the Parachutes for Pets partnered groomers. The amount that Parachutes for Pets may be able to contribute will depend entirely on the funds available.

Funding will only be provided once per household for either the Grooming Assistance Program OR the Veterinary Care Assistance Program.