We understand the mental health and financial crisis happening in our community…

We are opening the first-of-its-kind Pet Advocacy Centre to help vulnerable Calgarians and their pets.

We are dedicated to honouring the importance of the human-animal bond by helping individuals with their pets before they turn to shelters.

Pets are so important to their guardians’ lives. 74% of pet guardians reported mental health improvements from their pets. Pets offer reduced stress and loneliness while increasing well-being and mood to fight depression. They provide long-term help with mental health challenges.

Truth is, times are harder than ever. Sometimes, it’s just one bag of food that is all that is needed between a pet being kept or given up.

The PFP Pet Advocacy Center will house and expand all current Parachutes For Pets programs, such as the Pet Food Bank, Emergency Pet Packs and Basic Pet Care. 

The center will introduce a public Pet Thrift Store,  Educational Programming and Extended Vet Care Support.

Plans to support the homeless population and working with other agencies will be announced shortly.


We are looking for finanical support to help us be a safety net for the pets of our vulnerable population with the P4P Pet Advocacy Center.

The PFP Pet Advocacy Center is powered by: