Social Worker/Counsellor

One Year Fixed Contract – Mid level
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Job Description

Parachutes for Pets is seeking a compassionate and dedicated Social Worker to join our team in the launch of the first-of-its-kind Pet Advocacy Center. The ideal candidate will possess strong critical thinking skills, a passion for animal rights, advocacy, and an interest in community outreach. They will also be adept in interpersonal and communication skills.

As a key person in our center, you will play a critical role in supporting both pets and their guardians by addressing a range of social and emotional challenges, allowing our clients to access not only the needs of their pets but their own. 


  • Client Counseling: Provide counseling services to pet guardians, helping them navigate challenges related to pet guardianship, grief, loss, and pet-related conflicts. Offer guidance on responsible pet guardianship, behavior modification, and strategies to strengthen the human-animal bond. 

  • Crisis Intervention: Offer crisis intervention services to families facing emergencies such as housing instability, financial hardship, or medical crises that affect their ability to care for their pets.

  • Collaboration and Advocacy: Collaborate with our partnering agencies, veterinary clinics, and other relevant stakeholders to promote animal welfare and enact positive change within the community. Advocate for policies that improve animal welfare and support the needs of pets and their guardians. 

  • Mentorship: Provide professional mentorship and guidance to University of Calgary Practicum Students from the Social Work department.

  • Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate and confidential records of client interactions, assessments, and interventions. Prepare reports and case summaries for internal and external purposes, as required.  


  • Licensed Social Worker /  Degree in Social Work from an accredited institution.  
  • Strong understanding of animal welfare issues, pet behavior, and the human-animal bond. 
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and active listening skills.
  • Empathy, patience, and the ability to connect with both animals and humans.
  • Experience in crisis intervention, counseling, and community outreach preferred. 
  • Ability to work collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team. 
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Passion for animal advocacy and a commitment to promoting animal welfare. 

More Details

Status – One Year Fixed Contract – Mid level

Salary Range – $60,000/yr – $70,000/yr (exact compensation may vary based on skills and experience)

Organization – 1-10 employees – Animal Welfare and Social Services/Enterprise in Calgary

Parachutes for Pets is working toward representation of the communities we serve and is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants from diverse backgrounds, abilities, and experiences are strongly encouraged to apply. To apply, please submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your experience in social work and your passion for pet advocacy.