Give a gift that matters more this year… helping a pet in need for your Valentine!

Donate to Sally, Tilly and Skylar’s veterinary care and receive a certificate of appreciation in your valentine’s name to give to them!

Once your donation is complete, our team will email you your donation certificate before February 14th, 2023

The pets you will be helping with your Valentine’s Day donation:

Sally belongs to a low-income senior. Sally desperately needs her annual vaccinations and some dental work completed. On a fixed pension, her mom cannot come up with these funds or apply for credit to finance this procedure.

We need to raise $2500 for this Valentine’s Day Wish. 

Tilly and her dad were referred to us by a partnering organization. Tilly needs a deluxe hamper as their new journey didn’t allow them to bring any belongings with them. We would like to provide Tilly with 3 months’ worth of special diet food, toys, treats, a blanket, a harness and a dog bed.

We need to raise $500 for this Valentine’s Day Wish.

Skylar requires a very special diet for chronic urinary issues. His mom is struggling to afford this food (a 30-day supply is approximately $110). We would like to surprise her this Valentine’s with a 90 day supply to ease her worries as she gets back on her feet.

We need to raise $300 for this Valentine’s Day Wish.