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At Parachutes For Pets, we’re dedicated to helping low-income individuals improve their pets’ health and well-being. Our accessible programs make a difference. Join us on this impactful journey!

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Our programs

Pet Food Bank & Harley’s Hamper Program

Harley’s Legacy: Named after our beloved weimaraner, Harley, this program ensures pets always have a full belly in his memory. Founded by Harley’s parents, Parachutes for Pets supports those in need with pet food access. Additionally, we supply monthly pet food and supplies to local organizations, spreading love to Mamas 4 Mamas, Good Neighbour Market, Veteran’s Food Bank, Horizon Housing, and Seniors Resource Society during the holidays.” 

Powered by: Olympia Charitable Foundation.

Vaccine & Wellness Clinics

Experience peace of mind with our year-round Preventative Vet Care Days, offering essential services like vaccines, wellness exams, and spay/neuters. For emergency vet care, connect with your veterinarian or explore options such as Tails of Help or Pet Card Financing.

At this time, Vet Care is reserved for canine spay and neuters.

Grooming Assistance

Prioritizing the well-being of both animals and their human companions, proper grooming is essential. At Parachutes for Pets, we provide year-round grooming appointments and special grooming days.

If your pet is facing discomfort or medical issues due to challenges in accessing grooming, we’re here to help. Take a moment to complete the form above, and let us support your pet’s comfort and health through our grooming services.

Emergency Pet Packs

Parachutes for Pets offers an emergency pet pack for individuals and families experiencing homelessness or who are escaping domestic or family violence. Pet packs contain essential pet supplies, such as food, treats, a blanket, water, bowls, boots, a jacket/cooling wrap, depending on weather, and a first aid kit.

Requests for this program come from community partners, such as the Calgary Police Service, local shelters, and Street Outreach Teams. These are urgent situations that require urgent response times from our volunteers – sometimes day or night.

Please note: We don’t facilitate new pet adoptions. While we offer advice on preparing for a new pet, owners are responsible for expenses like vaccines, spaying/neutering, pet food, vet care, microchipping, and annual check-ups. Be prepared for these costs as a pet owner.



Enroll in our one-year program to receive pet food assistance every two months, supporting up to two pets per household with a maximum of 30 days’ worth of pet food. While the program focuses on providing food, additional supplies are available on a case-by-case basis, subject to availability.

Emergency situations

An emergency is a sudden, unforeseen event, like a fire, flood, or domestic violence incident. This can include situations where a child is placed in foster care with their pet or if someone is homeless in severe weather. If you or your pet are in immediate danger, please call 911.

What is NOT considered an emergency:

Food deliveries & missed pick up dates

Requesting a hamper for a newly acquired pet

Local Support Services

Spay/Neuter & Boarding Resources

Calgary Animal Services

The City of Calgary Animal Services runs a No Cost Spay/Neuter Program for low-income Calgarians’ cats & dogs. Contact for program availability.

Call 311 for information

MEOW Foundation

MEOW offers a subsidized Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP), Cat Food Assistance Program, and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Program for cats living within the city of Calgary.

(403) 230-6033

Animal Assistance Resources

Calgary Humane Society

CHS is able to take in surrendered animals, offer behaviour advice for your pet, and is able to assist with lost or found pets.

(403) 205-4455


AARCS is able to take in surrendered or stray animals. If you have found an animal, please bring them to the nearest 24 vet hospital.

(403) 250-7377

Animal Rescue Foundation

ARF is able to take in surrendered or stray animals. If you have found an animal, please bring them to the nearest 24 vet hospital.

(403) 243-1910

MEOW Foundation

MEOW is able to take in stray cats. If you have found an animal, please contact reach out.

(403) 554-4607

Pet Card

Pet Card is a veterinary financing company that can help you when the unexpected happens with your pet by offering customized payment options on financing.


Human Assistance Resources

Horizon Housing

Horizon Housing provides affordable, integrated, and supportive living opportunities for low-income Calgarians.

(403) 297-1746

Closer to Home

CTH provides family services while striving to build stronger families who can care for their children and contribute to their communities.

(403) 543-0550


#BeTheChangeYYC offers street outreach and support services for people experiencing homelessness in Calgary.

Contact #BeTheChangeYYC

The Alex

The Alex provides comprehensive care to vulnerable populations in the Calgary area, including health services, housing, and community initiatives.

(403) 520-2260

Veteran’s Association Food Bank

The Veteran’s Food Bank is dedicated to supporting and enriching the lives of veteran’s and their families.

(403) 367-8387

Calgary Senior’s Resource Society

The Senior’s Resource Society provides supports that create meaningful and effective change in the well-being of vulnerable seniors.

(403) 266-6200


Homeless serving agencies working together to meet the needs of our clients where they are today.

(587) 779-5015

Professional Referral

If you are an agency seeking to refer clients to Parchutes for Pets, please complete the online referral form. 


Due to high demand, our team is dilligently working to respond to inquires. Please expect a response within 7-10 business days. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we assist pets and their owners.

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