Calgary’s First Pet Advocacy Centre: Supporting People and Pets in Need.

We understand the mental health and financial crisis happening in our community…

We’ve opened the first-of-its-kind Pet Advocacy Centre to help vulnerable Calgarians and their pets.

Inspired by the renowned Sheldon Kennedy Advocacy Centre, this pet-focused facility is located at 6120 1A Street SW and is set to revolutionize the support provided to Calgary’s vulnerable populations, including seniors, veterans, children in foster care, the homeless, and their cherished pets.

This center significantly enhances our capacity to provide essential services to those in need. Building upon the success of its existing programs, this centre will serve as a comprehensive hub for pet food distribution, basic pet care services, and public education initiatives.

Through strategic collaborations with community partners, we aim to establish the Pet Advocacy Centre as a one-stop destination for our clients and their pets. Not only though these partnerships but with a specialized volunteer base, we will achieve support level we would like to offer to the individuals that use our services.

We are committed to serving Calgary’s most vulnerable populations, ensuring that the bond between individuals and their pets remains unbroken even during times of hardship.

With the Pet Advocacy Centre, we strive to provide comprehensive support, resources, and education to enable pet guardians to provide the best possible care for their beloved companions.

The Pet Advocacy Center offers a range of resources, including:

Pet Food Bank

This is the first Parachutes For Pets program and the demand for pet food only continues to grow by the day. The Pet Advocacy Centre expands the capacity for this program.

Pet Thrift Store

Our thrift store dedicated to pets by only selling pet items in Calgary. It offers a place to purchase at lower price, keeps these items out of the landfill and 100% proceeds go to supporting PFP programs!

Education Center

A theatre space that will host workshops, seminars, and educational programs on responsible pet ownership, animal welfare, and the human-animal bond.

Community Resource Centre

In the effort to be a one-stop resource, this center will house information on support services in Calgary. Social workers will be available to help individuals find the right programs for them.

Charlie's Closet (Dignity store)

A smaller version of our thrift store, Charlie’s Closet will allow our clients to pick the items their pet needs at no-cost to them.

Quiet Room

Our dedicated Quiet Room has been be designed to support individuals needing a space to breathe. Volunteer counsellors will work out of this room offering support.

Pet Warming & Cooling Area

Dedicated areas within the centre that will ensure pets have a safe and comfortable environment in extreme weather conditions.

Grooming Room

A dedicated space where trained veterinary technicians can provide basic pet care services such as grooming, nail trims, and health check-ups.

Lily & Dexter's Legacy Clubhouse

A dedicated fun space where Lily’s Legacy children can visit and seek services like counselling with their pet.



Be the lifeline for Calgary’s pets in need! Your support fuels the P4P Pet Advocacy Centre, the first-ever haven for vulnerable people and their pets. Donate now and make a lasting impact!

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