Dedicated to helping vulnerable Calgarians with their pets before they turn to shelters.

Pet Advocacy Center

Introducing the Pet Advocacy Center, a unique initiative offering support, resources, and education for vulnerable pet guardians to ensure optimal care for their beloved companions.

You Thrifty Animal

Now open 7 days a week: You Thrifty Animal, a pet-centric thrift store! 100% of proceeds support Parachutes For Pets programs. Open Monday – Friday from 12 pm to 5 pm, Saturday – Sunday 12pm to 4pm, closed on holidays.

Warming Centre

Providing pet safekeeping in collaboration with Calgary Homeless Foundation. Open Monday-Thursday 11 am – 7 pm, and Friday 11 am – 5 pm, December 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024.

Compassion Fatigue in the Veterinary Industry – We are human too

When pets are sick, emotions run high... we need to remember that veterinary professionals are trying to do their best. We invited Ashley Fischer to share her experience of what it's like working in the veterinary industry. I can honestly say without fail one comment...

Family Violence Prevention Month

Our organization is honored to be trusted in supporting 553 pets escaping family violence. Together we can increase awareness of the warning signs of family violence, resources and supports available in our communities. You can find or share these community...

Working for Parachutes for Pets

This summer I had the privilege of working with Parachutes for Pets. They do so much to help low income families and seniors in our community. Spreading this kind of kindness is what keeps me going. Knowing that I can impact someone else's life on levels I could never...

A Summer with Parachutes

A Summer with Parachutes I have never worked with people as passionate about their cause as Parachutes for Pets. In every interaction, you can tell how much Melissa and everyone on her team care for pets and their owners in need. They work tirelessly to help others...

My Experience With Parachutes For Pets

Generously written by a student from CAREERS program Throughout this summer I have been working with Parachutes For Pets from home. Through the Information, Communication and Technology internship, thanks to a guidance counselor at Our Lady of The Rockies, Mrs. Joanne...

Pet Grief & Loss Information

Generously written by Mariah McConnell  Pets provide humans with a source of comfort and companionship which means the death or loss of a pet can have serious impacts on owners. Many owners view their pet as a member of their family but will come into contact with...

Double your impact!

From now until September 17th, we are honouring and celebrating the life of Stella. A beloved dog who brought 14 years of love and laughter to one of our generous donors. After owning, caring for, and loving Stella, our donor learned how essential a pet’s wellness is;...

Stella’s Wellness Tribute

We are honoured to share the amazing legacy of Stella in partnership with her beloved owners. The following is a tender testament to Stella by her owners, the donors of Stella’s Wellness Tribute.

Have a pet? Have a plan!

Sometimes simply loving your pet is not enough. Like most things in life, owning a pet comes with responsibilities and unexpected challenges.  Over the last few months, we have had numerous individuals come to us with newly acquired pets that have no knowledge of the...

XhAle Brew Co.’s Tripawd Penelope NEIPA

XhAle Brew Co.'s Tripawd Penelope NEIPA launched in March partnered with Parachutes for Pets to pay back the kindness from a gofundme Christina, XhAle's founder, received when her cat lost a leg last year after an incident with a car. Without that kindness from her...

Since January 2021, we have provided:

Pet Food Hampers

Homeless Pet Packs

Veterinary Patients Treated

Lily's Legacy

Domestic Violence Assistance


Our shelters and rescues are battling the highest capacity levels we have ever seen in this city – leaving it almost impossible to surrender a pet during a time of need. We are doing our best to keep up with demand as those being turned away are coming to us looking for hope and another solution.

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