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At Parachutes For Pets, we’re dedicated to helping low-income individuals improve their pets’ health and well-being. Our accessible programs make a difference. Join us on this impactful journey!

The Backlund family, proudly introduces Lily & Dexter’s Legacy, partnership with Parachutes for Pets, a groundbreaking program ensuring children in care can stay with their pets by providing essential support such as leashes, collars, vet care, vaccines, and licensing.

Supported by Calgary Flames Defenceman Mackenzie Weegar and his family, this preventive veterinary medicine program, part of PFP Programming, focuses on maintaining animal health through annual exams, vaccines, grooming, and spay/neuter initiatives.

In memory of Harley Smith, the beloved Weimaraner, Harley’s Hamper Program was founded by his parents to ensure all animals have a full belly. Inspired by Harley’s passion for food and dog parks, the program honours his legacy. Honouring his memory.

Powered by: Olympia Charitable Foundation

The Mobile Pet Food Bank and Transport Vehicle exclusively in Calgary communities. This versatile vehicle facilitates efficient delivery of pet food hampers, transportation of large donation loads, and ensures pets reach necessary appointments promptly.

PFP has been working hard getting some awesome programs ready! Stay tuned for more detials!

Parachutes for Pets currently employs a social work professional in the Pet Advocacy Center. This individual plays a crucial role in increasing social inclusion through various avenues, including: Advocacy, Direct Practice, Community Development, Education and Training, and Research and Evaluation. 

Parachutes for Pets and the Backlund family are proud to have developed the first-of-its-kind, Lily & Dexter’s Legacy! This program began in 2021, and we have supported over 131 children with your support. 

Pets can help children on their worst days. They can provide comfort and unconditional love.

At Parachutes, we understand this, and this is why Lily & Dexter’s Legacy is so important to us. We want to ensure that if a child is in care, they are able to stay with their pet when moving to a new home.

“We’re going to commit to helping this child and this pet — whether it’s leashes, collars, vet care, vaccines, licensing … until they can go on their own.”

This is a groundbreaking community program designed to assist in keeping children in care with their pets. You can read more about this amazing program here.


Lily & Dexter’s Legacy Clubhouse takes this program one step further within the Pet Advocacy Center and allow children to have a fun-filled room to bring their pets for important meetings, counselling services, and conversations.


Each Easter, Lily & Dexter Legacy Boxes, sponsored by the Backlund family and Calgary Flames, benefit Lily’s Legacy Fund. Some are donated through Team Evelyn Foundation to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Oncology unit, while others go to vulnerable seniors in our community.

Lily & Dexter’s Legacy

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Pet Stories

December, 2021, Nemo required emergency care to save his life and keep him with his young owner.  Nemo had a full recovery.

Knuckles young owner had just received an organ transplant when Knuckles developed an abscess around his jaw. With the family being busy at the hospital it went undetected for a few days until his whole face was swollen. When a recovering child asks you to save his cat, you save his cat! We are happy to report Knuckles is happy and healthy today and so is his owner!

In a matter of hours our community came together. Cocoa required to be neutered and have his vaccines updated in order to move to a new home with his young owners. 

This is a preventive veterinary medicine program supported by Calgary Flames Defenceman Mackenzie Weegar and his family.  This program aims to maintain the health and well-being of animals through prevention of diseases and maintaining healthy habits. This includes annual veterinary exams, vaccines, regular grooming and spay and neuter programs for clients in PFP Programming. Interested in being a part of the PFP program? Schedule a consultation with one of our social workers by emailing us at intakes@parachutesforpets.com

Vet Care is reserved for canine spay and neuters at this time.

Pet food bank &

Harley’s Hamper Program

In memory of Harley Smith, a dog and family passionate about food and parks, Parachutes for Pets, founded by Harley’s parents, ensures pets always have a full belly. The program aids those needing pet food support.

Public Pet Food Bank Program

Powered by Olympia Charitable Foundation

Public Pet Food Bank: Once a month, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM at 6120 1A St SW. First come, first served; specific food not guaranteed, and litter available if on hand. Please bring proof of low income.

Food Bank Entrance is located at the “Client” door along the North side of the building.

April Date: April 16
May Date: May 14

Effective immediately – the public can only access the food bank on these days . The rest of our programs are referrals.

Agency Referrals

For referrals, email intakes@parachutesforpets.com. Agencies can refer for ongoing pet food support, preventative vet care, and education programs; these are not available without a referral. Monthly, we supply pet food and supplies to local organizations including Mamas 4 Mamas, Good Neighbour Market, Veteran’s Food Bank, Horizon Housing, and Seniors Resource Society during the holidays.

Pet Food Bank Liability Statment


Mobile Pet Food Bank

Parachutes for Pets proudly operates in collaboration with ServPro Mobile Pet Food Bank and Transport Vehicle, a versatile resource designed to enhance our outreach efforts. This specialized vehicle empowers us to not only deliver essential pet food hampers but also efficiently transport sizeable loads of donations. Beyond that, it serves a crucial role in facilitating transportation for pets, ensuring they reach necessary appointments promptly. Currently, this invaluable service is exclusively available in the vibrant communities of Calgary, allowing us to extend our impact and support to local pet guardians.

The Pawsitive Pathways initiative honors the human animal bond and directly aligns with Parachutes for Pets mission. Education is a pillar at PFP and this initiative focuses on vulnerable youth groups like trans and gender-diverse, Indigenous, and various other youths who may face isolation due to a variety of factors.

Our program equips these youth with the tools and support they need to navigate emotional and psychological challenges, fostering emotional regulation, self-esteem, and confidence. These skills empower them to participate more actively in their communities.

Through weekly small group sessions of 6-8 youths, developed by a Master Social Worker and using animal therapy, the program creates a safe and supportive environment for youth to connect with peers who understand their experiences. Through partnerships with the Skipping Stone Foundation and Siksika First Nation, who will provide leadership and guidance from these communities, youth participants will benefit from a safe and supportive experience. Additionally, guest professionals provide diverse perspectives and expertise, further enriching their social network.

While the program lasts 8 weeks, the focus on long-term skills development helps youth build a foundation for continued participation and belonging within their communities.

If this program is something youth in your community could benefit from, please reach out. 

Parachutes for Pets employs multiple social workers for our clients at the Pet Advocacy Center. These individuals plays a crucial role in increasing social inclusion through various avenues, including: Advocacy, Direct Practice, Community Development, Education and Training, and Research and Evaluation. Each of these avenues is present in every program Parachutes for Pets offers. Every client of Parachutes for Pets completes a comprehensive intake with our social work team. We also partner with the University of Calgary and Bow Valley to offer social work practicums to their students in our center.

They advocate for policies and practices that promote social inclusion by working to eliminate discrimination and inequality based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, and other factors. By advocating for inclusive policies at the organizational, community, and governmental levels, they contribute to creating environments that welcome diverse populations.

Our social work professionals also work directly with individuals and groups who may experience marginalization or exclusion. Through counseling, therapy, case management, and other interventions, they help clients overcome barriers to inclusion and empower them to participate fully in their communities. This may involve providing support for accessing resources, navigating systems, and building social connections.

The Parachutes for Pets social work program works closely with partnering agencies, such as the City of Calgary, the Calgary Police Service, Bylaw Services, Animal Services, Alberta Health Services, Emergency Medical Services, Siksika Health Services, The Skipping Stone Foundation, Woods Homes, the Calgary Homeless Foundation, the Calgary Food Bank, the Calgary Distress Center, Alpha House, SOURCe, AARCS, and the Calgary Humane Society, among others. The social work program team works closely with these agencies to support our community’s most vulnerable populations, including children and youth, families, Indigenous peoples, seniors and many other low-income or people in crisis.