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At Parachutes For Pets, we’re dedicated to helping low-income individuals improve their pets’ health and well-being. Our accessible programs make a difference. Join us on this impactful journey!

Parachutes for Pets, a registered Alberta not-for-profit (#349672, CRA 778351338RR0001), depends on donations and support to sustain our programs for low-income families and their pets. Your contributions, whether made through PayPal, CanadaHelps online platforms, or by mailing a cheque to our designated address at PO Box 12112 RPO Copperfield, Calgary, AB T2Z 1H4, play a crucial role in securing discounted supplies and services that keep our initiatives running smoothly. Donations exceeding $20 are eligible for a tax receipt. We emphasize that community support is the cornerstone of our ability to fulfill our mission of keeping families and their pets together, and we are immensely grateful for your continued support.

As a severe cold snap settles in on the City of Calgary, Parachutes for Pets is helping bring pets in from dangerously cold conditions. Temperatures are expected to reach the potential depths of -30 degrees Celsius this week. Our Angel Team is ready to support those in emergency situations. 

What is the Angel Team?

The PFP Angel Team is a group of dedicated volunteers who are ready to help 24/7. Our team consists of animal behaviour experts, vets and RVT’s and Social workers on standby. This service is available to Calgarians in emergency situations such as fire, flood or inclement weather. We provide Calgarians the resources to get themselves and their pets to a safe location or intervene when needed.

Please consider donating to help our most vulnerable and people escape the harsh elements. 

Donation Wish List, powered by Doodle Dogs
If you are unable to drop of physical donations but still interested in supporting our most urgent needs, please visit our Online Donation Wishlist, powered by Doodle Dogs.

Doodle Dogs is a local pet company that offered to take our wish list off of Amazon and has worked hard to cultivate this list to ensure those supporting Parachutes For Pets can donate these much-needed items at a reduced cost to help their dollars go further.We are currently looking for dog food for all ages and breeds. These are an essential part of our dog hamper program. Your donations will help us to support fur babies in our community.

In Kind Donations

We gladly accept donations of dog food, cat food, cat litter and new or like new pet accessories and products!

We take open bags of pet food.

Please note:

We are unable to accept raw food donations of any kind.

Drop Off:

Donations can be dropped off directly to the Parachutes for Pets Pet Advocacy Center or to one of our community partners.

Advocacy Center Address:
6120 1A St SW, Calgary

Monday – Friday | 12pm – 5pm
Saturday – Sunday | 12pm – 4pm
Please contact us to schedule a drop off outside of these hours.

Check out our list of community partners accepting donations:



Chasin’ Tails 2309 Centre Ave, Calgary, AB T2E 0A9




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A donation of securities or mutual funds is the most efficient way to give charitably. Since capital gains taxes don’t apply, our charity receives the full fair market value when the security is sold, and you get a tax receipt which reflects your larger contribution. This allows you to give more and get more. Learn how it works.