{}We are honoured to share the amazing legacy of Stella in partnership with her beloved owners. The following is a tender testament to Stella by her owners, the donors of Stella’s Wellness Tribute: 

I adopted Stella when she was nine weeks old. She was my best friend in the entire world, and the bond we shared was something special. Some say she was my shadow because Stella followed me wherever I went. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. 

Stella and I loved to walk and take dog classes when she was younger. We even dabbled a bit in agility. It turned out not to be her favourite thing, though. Stella was an old soul who preferred walking, playing in a park with a friend or two, and relaxing on the couch. She had the silliest expressions and would never turn down a good belly scratch or cuddle.

She was five years old when I met my husband, Greg. When Greg and I first met, my friends and family asked me if Stella liked him because they knew the bond she and I shared could never be broken. It didn’t take long for Stella and  Greg to become best buds; before you knew it, they were cuddling together on the couch. The 3 of us walked every single day together. We knew how much Stella loved her walks and being outside, but the long walks were more challenging as she got older. So Greg got her a little red wagon, and whenever she got tired, she would get pulled around in the wagon and still enjoy being outside.

Everyone would always comment on what a calm and kind dog she was. She brought so much joy, love, and laughter to me and all those she met. She won over the hearts of all those at her vet’s office and groomers. 

Stella was my walking buddy, cuddle bug, and best friend; now she’s my angel. She was so very loved and so very much missed. Even though losing her was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, I am forever grateful for the 14 years we spent together. 

Stella had various health issues over the years, and when you have a senior dog, you will encounter more frequent trips to the vet. I understand how expensive that can get; even insurance is getting expensive too and not accessible to everyone. 

Our pets are more than “just” a dog or “just” a cat; they are our family, and we will do anything for them. They provide unconditional love and companionship and are exemplary for our mental health. I don’t want anyone to have to surrender or euthanize their pet because they don’t have access to proper medical care. 

When Stella passed away, I knew I wanted to do something to honour her and keep her memory alive. 

I have been following the work that Parachutes for Pets has been doing for quite some time now. Their mission aligns perfectly with what I would have wanted for Stella and others, too – to provide people [seniors/veterans, homeless, foster children, victims of violence and low income families] and their pets with proper medical care, so they don’t have to resort to surrendering or prematurely euthanizing. 

I want to make sure that people and their pets have the option to stay together and that their pets get the care that they deserve. I can not imagine ever having to say goodbye to Stella prematurely because we could not pay her medical bills, and I do not wish that on anyone. 

I am so happy to partner with Parachutes for Pets to create Stella’s Wellness Tribute to support a wellness clinic and other emergency services so pets can receive vaccinations, check-ups, procedures, and the care they require deserve to live healthy and long lives with their people.

From now until Saturday, September 17th, have your donation matched when you donate towards Stella’s Wellness Tribute.