Our organization is honored to be trusted in supporting 553 pets escaping family violence.

Together we can increase awareness of the warning signs of family violence, resources and supports available in our communities. You can find or share these community resources:https://bit.ly/3sLEq6l

In light of Family Violence Prevention Month we wanted to share this highly heartfelt thank you from a client.

This thank you gives you a glimpse into what our community is experiencing and how Parachutes for Pets makes a difference. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you know someone in need of support.

This thank you message was shared to us by an individual and their pet who left a dangerous situation. We were grateful that we were trusted in their time of need.

“I want to send my heartfelt thanks to Melissa for answering my call for help in the early hours of the morning on Aug 28. I had tried various domestic agencies first and was either turned away because they were full, or they stopped me when I said I had my dog with me and so I was given Parachutes for Pets phone number. Melissa answered, found out where my dog and I were (on the street) and came right away. Melissa asked if I felt safe and offered to stay on the phone until she got there. She showed up with a backpack full of items for my dog and a tea for me. I hadn’t tended to the dried blood on my face so Melissa opened up a pet first aid kit she had with her and helped clean my face up. She was able to contact some organizations for me and get us into a safe place. From there we have began to start our new life. A huge hug and thank you to Melissa and your whole team at Parachutes for Pets – the kindness shown at my lowest time will never be forgotten.”

A special thank to our donors, our clients, all the organizations that support us or have supported us and our Parachutes team. Together we truly make a difference for people and their pets in our community.