Sometimes simply loving your pet is not enough. Like most things in life, owning a pet comes with responsibilities and unexpected challenges.

 Over the last few months, we have had numerous individuals come to us with newly acquired pets that have no knowledge of the costs of vaccinations, spay/neuters, and other essential services. Likewise, many are unaware of the high cost of veterinary care for their pets for emergencies and regular checkups. Before entering into pet ownership, it is essential to be aware of these costs, so you may provide your pet with a loving home and all the necessary care they require. 

The cost of caring for pets varies significantly between species and breeds within that species. Some may require specialized food or large amounts of space you may or may not be able to provide. Before claiming ownership, educate yourself on proper grooming, diet, vaccinations, and habitat for the specific pet. Providing these needs will contribute to your pet’s happiness and yours as well, knowing that they are adequately cared for in your home. 

Thus, if you are going to have a pet, you need to have a plan. 

Please do your research and ask others who own pets about the costs, challenges, and benefits they have experienced. Also, consider the potential for emergencies. 

No one plans for bad things to happen, but they frequently do. Sometimes a dog gets sick, or a cat breaks their leg. Having a reserve or a backup plan provides excellent ease of mind during these circumstances. 

Pet insurance is also available to help cover the costs of emergency pet expenses and veterinary care. 

A plan also includes considering what will happen to the pet if something should happen to the owner. Will they be passed down to a family member? These ownership arrangements can be included in a will but distinctly stating where the pet will go can help prevent pets from being impounded or potentially euthanized. 

We love our pets. They bring so much joy and comfort into our lives; in return, we accept the responsibility to care for them.