From now until September 17th, we are honouring and celebrating the life of Stella. A beloved dog who brought 14 years of love and laughter to one of our generous donors. After owning, caring for, and loving Stella, our donor learned how essential a pet’s wellness is; this is why they are matching your donations up to $10,000 in support of our annual Wellness Clinic. 

At Parachutes for Pets, our mission is to celebrate the bond between pets and their owners by working towards building strong community support systems protecting this connection. 

Pets provide both a source and an outlet for love. They bring comfort and are proven to improve physical and mental health. This is a bond that needs to be preserved. At Parachutes for Pets, we aim to do that by honouring these connections and helping those who are at risk of losing their pets. 

Like humans, animals require medical care to remain healthy. Unfortunately, financial troubles or other circumstances sometimes prohibit pet owners from seeking veterinary care for their pets. Our wellness clinic aims to bridge this gap so that all pets can receive checkups, vaccinations, and medical advice. 

You have likely seen our recent posts asking for help to pay for Cocoa’s and Bear’s veterinary bills. Parachutes frequently assist individuals and their pets with emergency medical treatments. Often we do not have enough funds on hand to cover the entirety of the fees, so we reach out to the community to assist those in need. 

Emergency medical services are more expensive than regular checkups. Parachutes for Pets strongly advocates for preventative medicine whenever possible, but we understand that there are extenuating circumstances. Our annual wellness clinics will aid seniors/veterans, homeless and foster children with their pets and focus on preventative medicine this year.  

Stella brought so much joy into the world, and we want to honour her legacy by giving back to those in need.