Generously written by a student from CAREERS program

Throughout this summer I have been working with Parachutes For Pets from home. Through the Information, Communication and Technology internship, thanks to a guidance counselor at Our Lady of The Rockies, Mrs. Joanne Kopp, as well as Careers the Next Generation, because of the opportunities they give to High School students, which flowed very well thanks to Senior Program Coordinator Dan Olesen, and of course the people who work at Parachutes for Pets for selecting me to work for them this summer.

I started on July 11,2022 and my last day was August 26, 2022. Overall I am glad I have had this experience and getting a small glimpse of what a future job will look like. I learned about the importance of being very organized and how to arrange files, through various tools on my computer.

I have also practiced transferring data, learning how to use webpage editor such as WordPress. Gaining more knowledge on how to research was also a thing that I have implemented in my skill set. It wasn’t the type of internship I thought I would have but it did enhance me in some good ways and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Overall It was a great experience. This internship was very flexible, in terms of
how many hours you could work and vacation time. I enjoyed the flexibility. I also enjoyed working from home. I didn’t have a job like this in the past where it’s mainly getting to work with a computer and
that’s what is a major link to an ICT job. This is important for this scoop of work and I believe it is an assit and this position benefited me to gain these skills for the ICT program.

I would recommend wanting to work for Parachutes For Pets, Aly and Melissa are awesome people. They are very nice and welcoming. They will always be there and willing to help you and I’m very grateful that they gave me an opportunity to work with them this summer.