This summer I had the privilege of working with Parachutes for Pets. They do so much to help low income families and seniors in our community. Spreading this kind of kindness is what keeps me going. Knowing that I can impact someone else’s life on levels I could never imagine, is extremely rewarding and humbling. I will be much more open minded when it comes to helping others. Whether that is through donations
or informing more people about how they can impact society in a positive way to help others. All of the employees are just amazing. I loved working with all of them. They are so kindhearted and helpful. Not only were they my coworkers but I feel like I can reach out to anyone of them on a friend level. They did a great job setting me up for success in my future. I have expanded my knowledge on so many things such as, doing computer work with spreadsheets and documents, interacting with people, learning and writing about domestic violence, avoiding hackers, time efficiency and most importantly working with others and solving problems with one another. I am beyond thankful for the job and experience with Parachutes for Pets and I hope more people can learn about the business and how amazing it is! Thank you for everything you have done for me and thank you for setting me up for a bright future!

By Jenaya

Special thanks to the CAREERS program for providing this opportunity for both Jenaya and Parachutes for Pets.